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Lightning Step Features April 19, 2022

How Can You Manage Referrals With CRM?


Built within Lightning Step Technologies’ All-In-One system is the CRM (Customer Relation Management). In this portion of our system, behavioral healthcare facilities can see the client’s demographics, the referral source, the client’s counselor and case manager, as well as admissions and discharge data. A facility will not need to look in multiple places for this information because it is visible on the same screen. 

Filtering Patients

In the CRM, one can look at the referrals section to see where their patients are coming from. Within this system, one can filter the location preferences to see how many patients are coming from the same referral source. 

For example, if a behavioral health facility has referrals from an individual psychiatrist and an advertisement, they can easily track which one brings in more clients. With this information, a business will know who is bringing business to them, and they may be able to make a connection with them. Business relationships are important, especially for private practitioners and small businesses. 

When the facility filters the referrals, they will also be able to tell how much treatment the patient has received. For example, if an individual psychiatrist is referring patients to your facility, it is fair to assume the patient has a diagnosis or a treatment plan that can be obtained. By obtaining this information, the treatment team at your facility will have the patient’s medical history. 

Customize Your Referrals

The CRM also allows you to customize the way you track referrals. If you would like notifications about your referrals, there is an option for this, or you can turn off the notifications. If you want to track the referral back to the source, this is also an option. With our All-In-One system, your way is the best way and the CRM will fit your needs. Whatever you need the CRM to do, it can be done. 

The CRM also allows you to customize the way you see referrals. If you only want referrals from a certain organization, you can filter out companies you do not want to receive patients from. You can also set up the referrals the way you would like to view them. If you want to see certain referrals at the top of your screen, you can make these come up first, and the rest to follow. 

You can also choose to send referrals to a specific case manager within your facility. Customizing your referrals to fit the needs of your company will also benefit the patient. Patient care is crucial in behavioral healthcare facilities since they need your expertise. You know how to help your patient, let us help you with your software needs!

The Referral System

When the patient comes through the system, their information is automatically generated throughout the system. With Lightning Step’s referral system, a facility will be able to track where the patients come from, where the patient needs help, and where their information should be stored. The referral system is designed to help your company flawlessly execute a treatment plan. 

Our system also allows your company to send consent forms within the system, so it will be an effortless process. When this is obtained, both agencies will be able to communicate what is best for the patient. Inter-agency cooperation is essential for some patients because the patient may need both services, for example, drug and alcohol treatment alongside psychiatric services. If needed, other documents can be sent to the other agencies (or individual therapists). Our All-In-One system encompasses most documents and features.  

Managing Referrals

Managing referrals can look like a daunting task. When a treatment facility is getting multiple referrals a day, they may feel as if they cannot keep up. The referrals may be coming in faster than the facility can track them. Then there is the added stress that you need to get all the patient’s information while keeping track of your other business. If only you could have a computer program that could help you. 

We have good news! Lightning Step Technologies has created an All-In-One system that tracks this information for you. You do not need to worry about where the referrals are going, who is keeping up with them, or if you will ever have time to get to them. Our system does most of the work for you. A benefit to this is our integration with Call Tracking Metrics. The tracking system will automatically input this information so you do not need to worry about getting bogged down with the nuances of details. 

Managing your referrals with Lightning Step Technologies is easier than ever. You do not have the hassle of getting all the details on that call, most of them are autogenerated for you. The demographics that you enter will automatically appear in our EMR so you will not duplicate information. Let the software track the referrals for you, let the CRM send the information to the EMR, and allow the software to give you a break! 

The CRM is here to help you customize your needs. Lightning Step Technologies hopes to make your experience enjoyable by making our system easy to learn and easy to use. Our All-In-One system will take care of the information gathered from the referrals. We know that referrals are important to behavioral healthcare facilities because most patients come from this avenue. With our software, you can view the referrals the way you want them to be viewed. If you come across a feature that you cannot figure out or want to be added, give us a call, and we would love to help you figure it out. We are here for your needs, and we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Your need is our need. Not only do we want your experience to be great, but we also want your usage of our software hassle-free. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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