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Lightning Step Features April 13, 2022

Our System Is Customizable


Flawless execution of services is what every company desires. Software designed to make this pristine performance is what every company needs. At Lightning Step Technologies, we have created an All-In-One CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) system that has all the software your company needs all wrapped up in one system. 

With Lightning Step, there is no need to worry about going from one system to the next since our All-In-One system has your billing, patient information, and interactions with patients all in one spot. Our single-point data entry allows businesses to thrive without the hassle multiple systems bring. 

Lightning Step Technologies understands that behavioral healthcare facilities need to be able to customize their platform. It can be hard to use note templates that other companies offer if you have been using the same template for years. This is why our software allows companies to customize what they need. During the demo process, we will show you how our software allows you to choose from the templates in the system and how you can design or upload your own. 

Custom Form Builder

With Lightning Step’s All-In-One system, behavioral healthcare facilities can customize their forms. If you need parts from two or three forms, our system will allow you to pull from those forms to create your own. Instead of trying to fill in a form with information that does not fit, you will now have a form that suits your needs!

Forms for all Businesses

When Lightning Step Technologies created our software, we wanted it to be available for all behavioral healthcare facilities. With our customizable forms, all types of treatment facilities can use our system. 

Within our software, a company can customize its notes based on its population. When you create a new form, you can save it so it can be used again. No longer do you need to struggle with a Word document and then upload it to the software; you can customize it within our system. When you open a blank form, you will find the customizable features on the side, which will allow you to insert:

  • Questions
  • Drop-down options
  • Titles
  • Paragraphs
  • Horizontal lines
  • Date fields

With these features, you will be able to make the form how you want it and what is best for your employees. 

Copying From a Previous Form

It can be annoying for facilities to type out all the necessary information every time they need to write a note. That is why it is easier if notes from a previous session can be used again. Some information will stay the same with each group and patient, so autogenerating information is a bonus. Our software will store the information so you will not need to fill out the same question multiple times. 

A blank form can also be used for the next session. The previous form can be found in our customs forms and can be edited again if needed. In the demo, you will see how you can customize your forms, how you can edit these forms, and how you can save these forms. Copying from a previous note can save time, energy, and effort. 

Group notes are also available for customization. A group note can be autogenerated with the group information, and then the patient information can be entered. If the patient information is already in the EMR, the system can automatically prepopulate the demographics of the client. The group facilitator will then type what happened in the group session instead of focusing on the monotonous details.

Customizing the CRM

Within the CRM, patient data is displayed. This can be filtered by location and by a specific program. You will not need to worry about scrolling until you find the patient you are seeking; you can filter and find them within seconds. Everything is customizable in the CRM, too, including:

  • Number of beds
  • Pre-admission forms
  • Referral tracker
  • Call tracking

All this is customizable based on what your facility needs. If your company is an inpatient facility, you will need to know how many beds are available and what bed the client is in. An outpatient facility would not need this on their platform, so they could delete this column and input something useful for them. 

For the staff, this column is also customizable. You will be able to input data such as medical records, attendance, and incident reports; if you are an inpatient facility, you can input rounds and shift reports or sober living updates. Whatever it is that your facility needs, it can be put into the system. 

At Lightning Step Technologies, we have created an All-In-One CRM, EMR, and RCM system that makes it easier for treatment facilities to operate. We provide the training needed to easily navigate our system. With our software autogenerating your information, your work time is decreased. This allows for more time to spend with your patients, giving them the best care possible. We encourage a platform where companies do not spend hours a day doing paperwork that could be completed in a few minutes. Forget the monotony of entering specific data because our software will do that for you! We strive to do what is best for companies because we have been where you are. We want you to have an effortless transition to our system and an uncomplicated way to conduct business. We want to do business with you! For more information about our All-In-One system schedule a demo today!

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