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Lightning Step Features June 14, 2022

Can a Physician Sign a Prescription Electronically?


In our dashboard, physicians can manage the orders that their patients need. They can determine if the dosage needs to be increased, decreased, or changed. Most importantly, doctors do not need to be present in the facility to do this. Medication can be added if someone needs extra support. Additionally, if an error is made, the physician can cancel the order. Managing an order is an easy process and will help your facility thrive. 

If your staff sees that the medication needs an adjustment, they can send a request to the physician electronically and the doctor can edit the order as needed. The system is also in compliance with The Joint Commission, so your facility can stay within the ethical window. 

What Is The Joint Commission?

The Joint Commission is a not-for-profit organization that gives accreditation to health organizations. This organization has policies in place that hold healthcare facilities responsible for their care. The Joint Commission has many codes that an organization must follow, which can be found on its website

When a medical facility wants to accept insurance, such as Medicaid, it must be certified by The Joint Commission. This certification allows The Joint Commission to assess the facility with unannounced visits. This will determine if the facility is complying with codes and state and federal regulations. When the facility is certified, they can receive insurance for patients. 

As a behavioral healthcare facility, you know The Joint Commission. You know how important it is for a system to follow its codes. In our All-In-One system, you will be able to perform a number of tasks, including identifying patients with two demographic points, determining the patient’s safety with medications, preventing infections using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, and assessing for suicide risk. All this data can be easily accessed in the patient’s file.

Patient Prescriptions

Behavioral healthcare facilities consistently need prescriptions filled because their patients need help overcoming addictions and any mental health diagnoses. If they do not receive the correct medication, it could cause withdrawals or severe symptoms to flare up. It is convenient for facilities to be able to write prescriptions electronically so they do not take days or weeks to get the prescription filled. 

Sometimes other things arise, and prescriptions are not filled early. Electronic prescriptions are a way for behavioral healthcare professionals to quickly send the prescription to the doctor and have it filled. These facilities are busy and need to know there is help available. Electronic prescriptions are an excellent resource for behavioral healthcare facilities.  

Make Your Job Easier

It can be challenging to run a behavioral healthcare facility, especially if you need to focus on data. If you needed a prescription filled and the doctor needed to be present, that would be an added hassle that you do not have time for. With our fully integrated system, you will be able to complete work fast and efficiently. Eliminate the time-consuming procedures and switch to a streamlined system that works for you. 

Our solution decreases your workload by removing the pain point of entering data multiple times. When you need prescriptions, you do not need to search for the doctor’s name, get their attention, and tell them about your issue. With our system, the doctor will have the data available and will receive a notification that a new prescription needs to be filled. This decreases the time you need to focus on the data side of your business, and you can focus on patient care. 

Our All-In-One System

Our system is composed of an EMR (Electronic Medical Record), CRM (Customer Relation Management), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management). Each of these works together to give you a flawless operation execution. This reduces the number of times you need to input data and the time needed to go back and forth between multiple platforms. Instead of worrying about how many times the data is input correctly, you can focus on your staff, patients, and other aspects of the facility. 

When a prescription needs to be filled, our system will autogenerate the patient’s information. You do not need to put in any data when requesting a medication. The system will already prefill the patient’s demographics, treatment, and critical dates. The patient’s information is stored in the CRM and then carried throughout the EMR to the designated places at the intake appointment. When the doctor sees the prescription request, they will know who the patient is, the precipitating problem, and the diagnosis. With this information, he can supply the correct medication and doses. Let the system do most of the work for you so you can focus on other business needs. 

Behavioral healthcare facilities must take care of patient, business, and staff needs. It is vital to have a system that works for you so you can focus more time on patients and your staff’s needs. The business side of every facility is crucial, but it should not take precedence over patients. We designed a system that can decrease the amount of time you spend on data and increase the time spent with patients. Perhaps you have been trying to plan a teambuilding exercise, but you and your staff are too busy inputting data. With our All-In-One system, you will have time to build your team’s confidence and show them they are appreciated. You want an efficient system that decreases critical time, money, and energy. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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