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Lightning Step Features August 30, 2022

Saving Time With Straightforward Data Input


Lightning Step Technologies wants you to forget the notion of constantly reentering data. There is no need to take information from an intake form and copy it to another form or painstakingly retype lab results. Our All-In-One system includes a CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) with one login and one cost to cover it all. 

Our system was designed by industry experts with you in mind, and you can be assured that we have thought of it all. Our “lightning threading” technology takes information entered at any point in the system and automatically spreads it throughout the system to ensure that no piece of data will need to be entered more than once. You will be amazed at how much time your team saves when the tedious task of repeated data entry is eliminated from the workday.

A Place for Everything

If you are not utilizing the capabilities of Lightning Step’s All-In-One system, you most likely have a separate CRM, EMR, and RCM. This means three separate logins, three separate interfaces to train staff on, and three separate costs to keep track of. When you are trying to hunt down information from one system to inform your work on another system, you are spending valuable time and most likely becoming frustrated in the process. Lightning Step’s integrated system will ensure you know where everything is when you need it.

Easy Collaboration

When you enter a client’s demographic information, pre-admissions screening, and insurance details in the CRM at the beginning of treatment, that information is automatically generated in the EMR and RCM. 

Integration With Call Tracking Metrics

A lot of this demographic data collected before admissions is generated automatically through call tracking metrics that also captures information about client referrals and previous contacts before committing to treatment. Clinicians working with that client in treatment can add to the client’s growing portfolio with assessments, treatment methods, attendance, medication management, and general care notes.  

Linear Process From Admission to Discharge

Clients and families can utilize the patient portal to submit consent forms, self-assessments, and surveys to be added to the client file. Doctor orders for changes in medications and labs from inside and outside your center will also be transferred effortlessly into the EMR. 

The RCM can also pull from the rest of the system to make automatic charges based on attendance at treatment sessions and keep track of insurance claims. At discharge, a client’s information is used to automatically create an alumni network profile on CaredFor and send out an invitation.

Keeping Track of Discharges

While Lightning Step creates a linear process from pre-admissions to treatment to discharge, with billing built in throughout, the system can also work the other way. Information about discharges is communicated to admissions staff so that they know how many beds are available, allowing them to more quickly and easily get a new potential client started with treatment. 

Easy Access to Necessary Information

Collaboration between separate departments is significantly stunted when there are barriers to accessing crucial information. Some of these barriers include paper charting and other forms that are locked away and must be retrieved and sent, or when information is located in separate systems that not everyone can access. 

Instead of breaking your workflow to call or email another department and wait for a response or even physically go to that department to track down a piece of information, you can use Lightning Step to have all of that information available when you need it, where you need it. There is no need to slow down your work when the data someone from one department enters can be utilized by an entirely different department without reentering it or spending time obtaining it from somewhere else.

Additionally, a team calendar built into the system allows everyone to be on the same page with their roles and plan accordingly. Certain client information can be attached to this calendar, such as notes for a clinician to review before going into a session. 

With this accessibility to different employees, you might wish to raise some safety concerns. That is natural, as the behavioral healthcare industry deals almost exclusively with sensitive and private health information. Fortunately, Lightning Step has taken steps to safeguard client data by encrypting the system and building the capability to allow different levels of access to different users.

Seamless Transitions

When a client’s entire history is readily accessible, continuity of care is made much easier. A new staff member can pick up where another staff member left off, and no one is left guessing about a client’s needs and progress. Admission and discharge are usually big changes in a client’s life, and empowering your staff with the information to support clients every step of the way will make this process easier for everyone involved.

As You Like It

Lightning Step makes customization easy. Rather than spending time adapting your workflow to our system, our product can be optimized to support you in how you work best. Custom forms can be created and saved for future use. Additionally, outside vendors you currently work with, such as Salesforce, can be seamlessly integrated into the system, meaning you don’t have to transfer data and start over.

More Time for What Matters

At the end of the day, you are in the field of client care, not paperwork. While documentation is important, it should not take away from the time and attention spent on clients as they recover from difficult conditions and circumstances. Lightning Step Technologies wants to give you back your time to focus on improving lives while we prioritize the quality and safety of your data.

If you are using separate systems for your CRM, EMR, and RCM, your time is being stolen. Lightning Step Technologies was designed by people with firsthand experience in the behavioral healthcare industry who can recognize the importance and tedium of documentation. We want to ensure you and your staff never have to reenter data again, which is why our fully integrated All-In-One system automatically generates data throughout the system after you have entered it once. You can trust that our system is robust, secure, and easy to learn. Your staff will learn its capabilities through training that we conduct at your site as we prepare to walk you through the launch. Your time is better spent on your patients and their treatment success rather than pushing paper all day. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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