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Lightning Step Features July 26, 2022

Stay Ahead of the Competition


Lightning Step Technologies is the only All-In-One enterprise software designed by treatment professionals for behavioral health care and addiction treatment centers. 

Our integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Customer Relation Management (CRM), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) remove the pain points and time requirements of utilizing multiple platforms. Our All-In-One system also eliminates the high probability of human error through data entry.

What Is an All-In-One System?

Many companies require multiple platforms to enter the same data multiple times. With our easy-to-use solution, any data gathered is lightning-threaded through the system, making inputting and retrieving data simple and straightforward.

Lightning Step’s All-In-One system allows treatment centers to focus on the care their patients deserve while automating the workflow through a user-friendly platform. 

With an All-In-One solution, treatment centers no longer have to worry about separate systems; one system, one access point, and one customer service platform are all you need. Lightning Step Technologies requires less work from your staff so they can provide the highest quality care to your patients. 

How Does an All-In-One System Help Provide Better Care?

Lightning Step is not just a software company; our industry cares about people. We understand that treatment providers change and save lives. That’s why we created our All-in-One solution to support and empower your clinical, marketing, and administrative staff. 

Our system is user-friendly, meaning anyone in any department can use it throughout the treatment process, from before they come in to after they leave.

It is important for patients and their family members to know that they are receiving the best treatment possible. By automating workflow and having everything you need in one place, our system allows treatment providers to dedicate their energy to meaningful work.

Patients are greatly impacted when behavioral health care professionals can focus their time and involvement on them. By using our All-In-One system, treatment providers can spend less time behind a screen and more time caring for their patients.

What Does a Fully Integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM Involve?

Lightning Step’s CRM involves all data acquired before a patient checks in. This includes referrals, call tracking metrics, inquiries, admissions, and sales activities. This unified solution maximizes efficiencies so that behavioral health centers can see how they are reaching patients and understand how they can better help. 

An All-In-One platform for medical records saves treatment professionals time. Our EMR eliminates the need for paperwork and having to manually enter data over and over again across other platforms.

Lightning Step’s RCM promotes simplicity and efficiency by integrating insurance claims, invoices, and automated payment plan processes. Having an automated workflow eliminates the high probability of human error from manual data entry.

Will Lightning Step’s Software Work With Our Treatment Center’s System?

Often, behavioral treatment centers may not have the time, money, or resources to develop their own enterprise software solutions. That’s why Lightning Step Technologies works with the best-in-class tools to integrate with any system.

We understand that treatment centers need to be able to customize their platform. Lightning Step can work with your system, connect an entirely new one, or both, to create an All-In-One automated workflow. 

Treatment centers that work with us find the set-up and integration process smooth, flexible, and adaptable. 

“We switched to Lightning Step for its adaptability. It allows us to integrate smoothly with legacy systems, while at the same time letting us begin using industry-leading technologies like CallTrackingMetrics to seamlessly connect our teams’ familiar workflows within a new software system” – Buena Vista 

Why Does Seamless Integration Benefit Patients and Staff?

With our fully integrated system, your staff can save time and money while boosting morale. 

Treatment providers should be able to be present and devote their time and attention to their passion: patients. When they have to go through repetitive steps of inputting data, searching for answers in different places, and wasting time switching between various systems, they have less time available in the day to spend directly with their patients. 

With Lightning Step, treatment providers can look forward to going to work and providing care without taking time away. They will no longer have to manually enter the same data over and over, and fewer steps will be required when trying to find what patients need.

Seamless integration makes it easier for treatment centers to answer any questions patients are seeking. With our All-In-One solution, treatment centers will have access to everything they need at their fingertips. 

More efficient and simple work increases patient satisfaction. It is essential for them to know that they are receiving the best care and support. When patients see that a treatment center’s system and business run seamlessly, they are reminded that they made the best choice in choosing a place that can change their lives. 

At Lightning Step Technologies, our All-In-One system allows treatment centers to provide the best care to their patients and staff. With a fully integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM, everything you need is at your fingertips. Treatment providers no longer have to worry about the tedious tasks of data entry and switching through different systems when everything is under one access point, one system, and one customer service platform. Our All-In-One system allows treatment centers to stay ahead of the competition, giving them the tools and support they need to be more involved in patient care. Our team will work closely with you to navigate our user-friendly system so your staff can use it to its full potential. Created by an industry that cares about people who care about behavioral health care, we genuinely believe that our All-In-One system will allow businesses to run smoothly. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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