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Lightning Step Features June 21, 2022

Does Our System Integrate With Laboratory Facilities?


By using our All-In-One system, behavioral health facilities have access to ePrescribe. The doctor can prescribe medication without being present. Sometimes, a patient needs a refill of their medication before the doctor comes back to visit, so ePrescribe allows the facility to help the patient sooner. If a doctor is not in the building and a patient has an emergency, the doctor could assess the situation via telehealth and then electronically prescribe the correct medication. This could save a life, but it can also save time and money.

Management of Medication

A medical professional can evaluate the patient’s medications and take the best course of action. If the patient needs an increase or decrease in dosage, it can be done through the dashboard in the system. Your company will not need to call a doctor, who then writes a prescription manually and gets it to you, as it can be completed electronically. 

Your company can also manage an order sent to a lab. If you realize a mistake was made, you can correct the error in the dashboard. If you need to add another medication to the order, this can also be done in the dashboard. Whatever your company needs are, they can be met with our system. 

Laboratory Facilities 

The patient’s lab results can be sent directly to Lightning Step, making them available right away. There is no need to ask for records and wait to have them sent. The results can be submitted electronically as soon as they become available. 

We work with most lab facilities, and if we do not have a contract with them yet, we are willing to obtain one. We want to make your business run smoothly, so we will work with the facilities you are accustomed to. 

We know how important it is to maintain alliances and stay with the same lab you have a history with. We offer flexibility for our customers because we want you to know you are important to us. We are more than a company; we genuinely want what is best for your facility. 

Lab Results

The staff at your behavioral health facility will not need to wait for results from the laboratory. When the lab sends these electronically, the staff and doctors will be able to administer medication faster. Some may not need a prescription, a regimented diet, more food and fluids, or exercise. The doctors and staff can make sure a plan is drawn for the patient based on their individual needs. This is important to perform this immediately because the population that behavioral health facilities serve needs action quickly. If they do not see progress efficiently, they may lose hope. This is the last thing a facility wants, so having fast turnarounds with labs is a great bonus. 

Medication Administration

When prescriptions are filled, the medication administration dashboard will allow your staff to see who has been administered their medication. This is vital because staff needs to know if they are about to double someone’s medications by mistake. Some medicines cannot be doubled because they can be detrimental. This dashboard will show the staff who they need to administer medication to. 

Medication administration will also show which prescriptions the patient is taking so the staff does not give incorrect medication. Some patients cannot take certain medications due to allergies, past drug use, or severe side effects. When the staff knows which medication is to be administered to the patient before them, they will be able to distribute them effectively and safely.

Medication Observation

Sometimes, patients need to be observed when taking medication, especially if it is an experimental drug. There is a dashboard for this within our system. Your staff can monitor the patient after they have been given the medication. The observation records are recorded and can be obtained later for a progress report. If research is being conducted, the report can be retrieved quickly.  

Our System

Our All-In-One system allows this data to generate throughout all systems. We understand that there is a lot of charting that needs to be completed with ina behavioral health facility, and with our program, we believe you will be able to complete these fast and efficiently. You can track patients’ progress through the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), their billing through the RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), and their information is generated from the CRM (Customer Relation Management). Each of these works together to ensure your business is working smoothly. If an emergency were to arrive, you could quickly retrieve the documents needed for a medical emergency. 

Medical professionals are often overworked and underpaid. We understand the irritation surrounding the charting and data that must be completed. Behavioral healthcare facilities must complete a lot of charting because their patients need quality care and a dedicated team of professionals. Staff must meet their physical, emotional, and psychological needs, and there is a lot of paperwork needed for each category. This is why we want to offer our services to your company. Our All-In-One system retrieves data for your company so your staff will not need to enter the same data multiple times. They can enter only missing data because the demographics and previous data are autogenerated in the system. Give yourself and your staff a break and allow them to focus on the mission statement of your facility. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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