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Lightning Step Features August 9, 2022

Are You Looking for a System That Yields Results?

In the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry, results matter. They matter for patients that rely on effective treatment and attentive clinicians. They matter for facilities that need consistent revenue to keep serving their communities. 

Information is a vital currency when it comes to providing quality care. Data starts being collected when a potential patient first contacts the treatment center and continues accumulating throughout treatment. This data then needs to be translated into the appropriate charges, taking into account a patient’s insurance coverage.

In order to process this amount and variety of information, you need at least three systems: Customer Relations Management (CRM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). This means inputting data repeatedly, sometimes manually typing the information into each of these three systems. It also means requiring your staff to spend time requesting and sharing this data when it is not readily available to all team members. 

Rather than navigating this complicated web of websites, your treatment center will save time and maximize results with an All-In-One system from Lightning Step Technologies. We fully integrate CRM, EMR, and RCM into a single system, using our lightning-threading technology to make all your information available with only a few clicks.

Removing Distractions

Generating results requires a streamlined process where all staff can operate at their best. Spending time entering data into various systems takes not only time but also introduces the possibility of errors. Our All-In-One system promotes productivity for your staff and reduces the chance of costly and time-consuming mistakes

Clinical staff can customize their experience with Lightning Step so that it is a helpful tool rather than a hindrance to their workflow. When they input data about a patient’s health assessments or medication, that information is threaded to the RCM. This means that the billing team can do their job without needing to interrupt the clinical staff as they focus on providing exemplary patient care. 

Not dealing with redundancy and errors creates room for staff to focus on the most important part of their role: patient care. Documentation is necessary for the functioning of a behavioral healthcare treatment center, but when it’s convoluted, it can take away from the attention spent on patients. 

The Personal Touch

Accessing behavioral health services is a vulnerable process for most people. Asking for help is a tremendous act of bravery, and it may frequently be accompanied by a recent or active crisis. Due to the often stressful nature of entering a behavioral healthcare facility, patients can benefit from all the support they get. The easier the process, the more they can focus on their recovery.

Lightning Step Technologies can help your staff provide individualized services to each patient from their initial inquiry all the way through discharge. Our CRM tracks all contact an admissions specialist has with a potential patient and pulls information from elsewhere in the system to provide information about the number of beds available. This can give potential patients all the information they need to make decisions on their care.

This pre-admissions data is threaded into the EMR, which is accompanied by data about medication administration, health assessments, lab reports, and prescription orders. A single entry of this data makes it available throughout the entire system, allowing for a steady continuity of care no matter which clinician or staff member interacts with the patient.

The time that would normally be spent on tedious and often redundant documentation can now be spent directly with the patient. This personal touch will differentiate your facility from other treatment centers. Your patients will feel like they are people in your eyes, and this trust and rapport will go a long way in helping their recovery.

When a loved one is seeking treatment, family members often wonder what is happening at the treatment center. The patient portal allows limited access for family members, facilitating family involvement while protecting sensitive health data. This peace of mind is invaluable for families. Additionally, the automatic charge function of the RCM means that both families and staff can focus on the recovery and well-being of the patient instead of administrative tasks.

Alumni outreach is built into this system, meaning that even after discharge, you can keep in contact with former patients and provide continued support. When patients and their families feel supported and cared for on an individual level, they are more likely to continue with and finish treatment and may also be more likely to consider your treatment center in the future and recommend it to others. Your specialty is providing premium care; let us take care of the rest.

Scaling Up

In order to have the most impact on your community, your processes need to be sustainable and streamlined enough to be scaled up. The easier your systems are to use, the more patients you can serve without complication. Growing a business requires each staff member to maximize their productivity and value to the company, and there is no room for spending copious amounts of time on data entry or hiring people specifically for that purpose.

By utilizing our easy-to-use solution, more of your resources can go directly into furthering your mission of helping people. Comprehensive, hands-on training will enable all staff members to learn the system and become super-users, meaning they can integrate the technology into their workflow, and you won’t need to outsource those tasks.

Our All-In-One system provides a single access point for all employees and a single price, reducing both time and cost for your organization, which are resources that can be better used to grow your operation.

If you are searching for a system that generates results, you know that getting the most value for your dollar is crucial. Instead of separately purchasing CRM, EMR, and RCM systems and then spending time exchanging data between them, you could benefit from a comprehensive system that does everything for one price. This is what Lightning Step Technologies specializes in. Our All-In-One system was built by and for people in the behavioral healthcare industry. It can support and integrate customer relations, health, and financial data for each patient before they even enter treatment until discharge. We make room for you to focus more on patient care, and this personal touch will make all the difference. Whether you are an established treatment center looking to continue providing superior care or a newer center looking to scale up, we can help. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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