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Blogs August 31, 2022

The Importance of Easily Accessible Medication Management


None of the many treatments approaches your facility may utilize needs to be as precise as medication management. Keeping track of which patient is receiving which medication, the dose and time, and any changes made by the prescribing physician are all necessary to ensure patient safety. 

Any small error in any of these areas can lead to negative health and treatment outcomes for your patients, as well as potential liability and repercussions for your organization. This is why having a system that facilitates this process is crucial, not only from a patient safety perspective but regarding efficiency as well.

Allowing Your Staff to Keep Track of Medication

Lightning Step Technologies’ software allows staff to easily see information about a patient’s medication regimen, including the dose and time. This enables your team to administer the appropriate medications at the right time and in the correct dose, thus reducing medication errors. 

The system can keep track of who has received their medication and who has not, and it is as easy for your clinical staff to use as it is for administrators. Even the most detail-oriented staff can make mistakes, and today’s demand for services outpacing supply can lead to increased patient-to-staff ratios. Providing a safeguard against human error can help your staff do their jobs better and give your patients the superior care your facility is known for.

Lightning-Threaded Information

Once information is entered into the system, it is threaded throughout the rest of the system. This is a crucial function of Lightning Step’s All-In-One product that combines an EMR (Electronic Medical Record), CRM (Customer Relation Management), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) in one place. 

Instead of requiring users to enter data repeatedly, once a piece of information is entered into any entry point in the system, it is automatically generated to other relevant places. This reduces the risk of errors that can arise from reentering data. The ability to thread information is especially helpful when mistakes can have severe consequences, such as the case with handling patient medications, many of which are controlled substances. 

Easy Access to Patient Information

The nature of Lightning Step’s system means that staff can also see the entirety of a patient’s profile in one convenient place. Their medications, treatment participation, and physician and therapist information are all easy to find. 

A patient’s profile is started before treatment upon their first contact with the admissions staff. Pre-admissions screenings and consent provide the foundation for the duration of a patient’s treatment at your facility. This empowers staff with the information they need to get the full picture of a patient.

Prescriptions Made Easy

There are many features of our system that make medication management easy for your facility.

Ability to Manage Prescriptions in the System

There is no need to call physicians for prescription orders and refills or scan those orders into the computer; Lightning Step’s system allows doctors to manage prescriptions directly in the system. This saves time for everyone involved and ensures that there will be no delays in getting your patients the medications they need when they need them. 

Integration With Third-Party Vendors

Our integration with the popular service DoseSpot can even further streamline the process. Whether you are already using DoseSpot and would like to continue or you will explore it through the Lightning Step integration, you will find that medication management has never been simpler. 

With DoseSpot, you can access a patient’s list of active medications, reference a list of their allergies, be alerted to potential drug interactions, manage new prescriptions and prescription refills, and find information about insurance eligibility all in one place. There is no need for a physical prescription with the Lightning Step and DoseSpot integration, and even controlled substances can be handled without a hitch.

Lab Results

For those patients who need blood work and labs completed to assess how they are tolerating a medication or whether a change needs to be made, Lightning Step’s system is able to handle that as well. Lab results can quickly and easily be accessed directly on Lighting Step’s dashboard, allowing for faster decision-making and progress in treatment. 

A Seamless Process for Medication Management

There are many areas where progress can be stalled with medication management. Waiting on a doctor to fill a prescription, an insurance company to authorize a certain medication, and lab results to come back all create obstacles to consistent and effective treatment. 

People accessing behavioral health services are often in a vulnerable position, and introducing these barriers can make the process harder than it needs to be. Using a system like Lightning Step Technologies reduces the number of phone calls, emails, and faxes that separate your patients from the help they need.

Not only is Lightning Step’s medication management solution quick and easy, but it is also compliant with Joint Commission standards, providing you the assurance that we take our role in your patients’ care seriously.

Behavioral health treatment centers juggle several responsibilities. They coordinate multiple treatment methods, from inpatient group therapy to intensive outpatient individual therapy and everything in between. They collaborate with many different physicians, therapists, and other mental health professionals. They manage life-saving medications that require close monitoring, especially in the case of controlled substances. All of these responsibilities are essential to providing quality care to patients, but it is no small feat. It requires communication with several different departments within and outside the organization, which in turn requires time and resources. Lightning Step Technologies’ All-In-One system looks out for the well-being of patients and the financial health of your treatment center by providing a solution that moves your time and attention away from this administrative work to something more important: individualized patient care. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.



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