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Blogs August 16, 2022

Tired of Missing Billing Opportunities?


Businesses thrive based on how much they are being paid. If your facility is not receiving the funds it needs, the business cannot prosper. If you do not have an all-in-one system, your data can be scattered across multiple software products.  How does your business know when there is missed billings, whether insurance or patient responsibility? We see far too often where there is a CRM, an EMR, a separate billing software sold to be one vendor, but it is really 3 separate products.  Then, you have a separate payment processor for credit cards.  It is a mess.  Ready to stop working in this manner?

Missed Billing Opportunities

When your behavioral healthcare facility is large, you will generate more invoices. The more invoices your facility has, the harder it is to manually enter data into the system. Since this is a pain point, some invoices may be overlooked or neglected. When this happens, your facility loses money. Manually inputting data, especially data that must be entered multiple times in multiple platforms, causes eyes to grow weary, boredom to set in, and staff to lose focus. These missed billing opportunities will impact your growth, success, and morale. That is why an All-In-One system is ideal for your facility. 

When your staff is stressed, billing opportunities may be missed. Your staff may not feel appreciated, so they may begin to use half their energy to complete the work. When the staff is not overworked, they may be prepared to do the work that is required of them. A happy, appreciated team may work harder to complete their job requirements. This is great news for your behavioral healthcare facility. The happier your staff is, the fewer invoices they miss. Your employees will appreciate the choice of switching to an All-In-One system. This easy-to-use solution will make them happier because they will not need to manually input data, enter information multiple times, or spend hours on the computer. Your facility will thrive with this system, and you will get paid on time. 

An EMR and RCM That Work Together

Our CRM (Customer Relation Management) obtains all the information needed before the patient is admitted. The information gathered is then sent to the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and the RCM (Revenue Cycle Management). The number of errors decreases when the information is distributed to each system. There is little room for human error because the information is entered once, and entering data multiple times is not necessary. These three systems work together to ensure your business is thriving and your mind is at ease. 

When you have a system that works together, you do not need to worry about missing payments. Our RCM autogenerates charges based on the data that is gathered from the EMR. You do not need to find the insurance amounts, co-pays, or self-pay amounts because the system has already input the information into the RCM. Due to this automated system, you will no longer miss billing a session. Sometimes, it is easy to overlook an invoice because you may have done so many that day that your mind is tired. This integrated system does most of the work for you. 

Additionally, you no longer need to worry about finding outpatient charges since the system will autogenerate these as well. When the patient is marked as a present by the staff, the system will automatically charge the patient based on the information the EMR has provided. With a system that does most of the work for you, you can be assured that your facility’s invoices will be paid on time.

The RCM Catches Mistakes

If there is a mistake on one of the invoices, the RCM will notice and send a notification to your staff. This helps you make sure invoices are paid on time. The staff can then find the mistake and apply the payment to the correct invoice. If an invoice is sent to an insurance company with the wrong information about the client, the RCM will also catch this error and send it back to your facility. The days of worrying if an invoice was sent correctly, or if the invoice was sent at all, are over. This system allows you to focus on the patient side of your facility instead of the business side. 

Lightning Step Technologies understands that you need money for your business to thrive. You care about your patients and their well-being, but you also need money to administer that care. A behavioral healthcare facility must monitor its funds to make sure it is being paid, that the money is secure, and that the business is on the right track. That is why we created an All-In-One system. We want your business to have financial security while also creating more time for patients. Our All-In-One system allows you to stay with patients longer because you are no longer spending so much time inputting data. The RCM autogenerates the information for you and ensures that you never miss a payment. This security offers peace of mind and allows you to conduct business without extra anxiety. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.



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