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Lightning Step Features June 29, 2022

Tired of Getting Your Claims Rejected?


Our RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) houses all the billing information for the company. This is not a system where you need to enter the data manually since it is an All-In-One system. When you use our solution, you get a CRM (Customer Relation Management), an EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and an RCM. The data collected before the client enters your facility is received in the CRM and distributed to the EMR and the RCM. This means that the billing information collected before the patient arrived at your facility was automatically generated to the RCM. 

When it is time for your team to check in with family members, insurance companies, or the patient for payment, the system will send you a notification. You do not need a planner that sits on your desk with important dates or reminders. At the beginning of each patient’s stay, input the data into your system where the patient needs a follow-up, and the staff will get the notification to call. This eliminates the hassle of remembering to make sure your planner is on the correct date. We know how hard it is to keep up with manual data and planners, so this system allows you to work effortlessly. 

Quick and Efficient

The RCM is quick and efficient because you do not need to manually input the data. Maybe you have a system now where your staff manually enters all information into multiple platforms. Or perhaps you are manually inputting your billing data onto a spreadsheet. Neither of these options is quick and efficient. They may cause errors because inputting data manually could cause a typo. This will lead to your facility not receiving the money you need, or it could make insurance or families overpay you, which would lead to distrust, negative reviews, and even lawsuits. We understand that a quick and efficient system would decrease the need to worry about mistakes and decrease the amount of time spent on a computer. 

The RCM also autogenerates charges, which will allow you to be quick and efficient. When the patient’s information is stored in the EMR, the information is sent to the RCM. This automatic generation of charges allows your staff to make sure the outstanding bills are being paid. Instead of calling another department for the billing information, your staff in charge of billing will automatically have the information as soon as the system does. This reduces the time your staff spends jumping through hoops, maximizing their time and reducing the number of errors that come with manual entering of data. 

Another feature of the RCM that is quick and efficient is that it shows you how many times you file claims before they are paid. You do not need to look at your manual records to see how many times you have filed a claim or check your email to count how many rejected claims you have received. Instead, you can simply look in the RCM. The average number of times your claims are filed before they are paid is easy to retrieve when you use the RCM. 

The RCM Will Catch the Mistakes

The RCM will catch mistakes before the claims are submitted. If the EMR has generated information about the patient, yet manual data has been submitted that is different, the RCM will catch the mistake and send your staff a notification. Your team can then see where the mistake is being made and correct it. This way, your facility will be paid on time for the right amount. 

When a business inputs data manually, sometimes there are claims that are not being paid in full. The RCM will catch when claims are being partially paid, and your staff will be able to correct the error. When this happens, your facility will make money instead of losing it. It is challenging to keep a healthcare facility running when you are not being paid the full amount for each patient. Allow the RCM to catch the mistakes so your staff can fix them. 

The RCM will show you how many claims are being rejected and why they are being rejected. You do not need to wait for an email or a letter in the mail stating why this is happening. We understand that you need to correct these mistakes as soon as possible so that you are not charged for every claim that needs to be refiled. 

Switch to an easy-to-use All-In-One system that works for you. When you have a CRM, EMR, and RCM working together, you get quick, efficient, and error-free data. You will not need to refile claims multiple times because the RCM will catch the mistakes for you. With this feature, you will submit your claims effortlessly. Since you have a built-in EMR, your claims can also be submitted without errors. 

Lay aside the manual data entry and switch to our All-In-One system. With this system, you will no longer need to input data into multiple platforms. Lightning Step Technologies designed this solution for facilities like yours. We understand that you need a system that can catch the mistakes before they are filed, and you need a system that is quick and efficient. You want to be paid on time and be paid the correct amount, so let the system work for you. You do not need to put in countless hours when using this All-In-One system. It is a solution designed to save you time, energy, and money. With our system, you can spend more time doing what you are passionate about – caring for patients. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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