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Lightning Step Features March 10, 2022

Tired of Putting Revenue Data on a Spreadsheet?


When it is time to input revenue data at a behavioral healthcare facility, it can be tiring to go through each amount and input it on a spreadsheet. It can be time-consuming to keep track of revenue and enter data on a spreadsheet, and when it comes to saving lives, that time is better spent elsewhere. Entering data on a spreadsheet can make your fingers hurt, your brain tired, and your eyes sore. 

As your behavioral healthcare facility grows, a revenue data spreadsheet will continue to get bigger and bigger. As this happens, you are spending more and more time on the computer, which means less time with patients and the possibility of burnout. All this will lead to a tired, achy feeling at the end of the day. Instead of coming to work with a smile on your face, you find yourself dreading coming in. This will create an environment that is not conducive to a positive relationship with patients. 

At Lightning Step Technologies, we understand this feeling because we have input data into a spreadsheet, too. The never-ending numbers, hours, and distress are expected when spreadsheets are used to input revenue data. Luckily, we have created an All-In-One CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) system to eliminate the need for spreadsheets and help your facility work efficiently. 

Insurance Claims

In addition to the cash-pay patients, insurance claims must also be filed and entered into a revenue data spreadsheet. Now, you must enter double the amount of numbers. You must go through multiple steps to file an insurance claim, plus the billing information needed for the spreadsheet. The amount of steps it takes to enter revenue data into a spreadsheet makes the jobs of behavioral healthcare professionals harder than it needs to be. 

With Lightning Step’s All-In-One system, the process of revenue data with insurance companies has never been more straightforward. All data lives in one place and only has to be entered once. Charges can also be auto-generated based on insurance plans, patient attendance, and more. 

Errors With Spreadsheet

Humans make errors frequently. In a spreadsheet with multiple people working, the chance for mistakes is exponential. Not only does using a spreadsheet lead to a higher chance of errors, but the errors will be more challenging to catch. Without the organization of an All-In-One system, it can be difficult to determine when and where errors were entered.  

However, with Lightning Step Technologies’ fully-integrated software, the chance of errors in revenue input is drastically decreased. Instead of information needing to be entered into the system multiple times, much of the patient information stored only needs one entry point. At this point, the software can flag any errors it sees or missed information.

Errors on a spreadsheet that result in missing billing opportunities can cost a facility a lot of money. For that reason, our software allows for easy to perform billing audits. This can help your facility detect errors ahead of time and ensure that every billable item is billed and billed correctly from the notes created already in the system from services provided to your patient. Our system will even detect and red flag incorrect claims so that they can be corrected, thereby adding more revenue to your program. 

What Can Your Facility Do?  

When using a spreadsheet, census information will be handed over to the business department and manually entered into the RCM. With an integrated system, charges will be auto-generated based on each client pulled from the EMR, thereby saving time for your staff to spend with your patients. When you’re inputting revenue data on a spreadsheet, you most likely want to find a better way – a way that is fast, easy, and cost-efficient. 

At Lighting Step Technologies, our All-In-One system allows companies to access their billing information, client data, and client medical records all in one place. In this system lies the RCM. With an RCM that is fully integrated with its CRM and EMR, all data is gathered from the first entry and allows the billing to auto-generate. 

Our RCM will also ensure there are no missed billing opportunities. Our system works with outpatient treatment services beyond detox and residential services and automatically bases charges upon patients’ attendance. We also ensure that the patient or insurance provider receives their bill as soon as possible and prevents missing billable days, thus revenue for your program. It also helps ensure bills are paid on time and that backlogging does not occur.

Inputting revenue data on a spreadsheet can be tiring and time-consuming. As your facility grows, your spreadsheet grows. With that comes burnout, an increased risk for errors, and more. At Lightning Step Technologies, we have eliminated the need for spreadsheets for revenue data. Our goal is to help you and your staff have the most straightforward process of entering data so you can focus on patient care. Our All-In-One CRM, EMR, and RCM software can help your behavioral healthcare facility thrive. Our software can provide everything your facility needs to run your business smoothly with a reduction in errors, customizable forms, and auto-generated billing. We help treatment centers navigate the ever-changing complexities of sending insurance claims and invoices to maximize admissions boost revenue streams, all while achieving better outcomes for your patients. Schedule a demo with Lightning Step Technologies today for more information on our fully integrated software!

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