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Lightning Step Features August 9, 2022

Are You Tired of Stopping Your Business to Communicate With Other Departments?


It doesn’t take a long time in the behavioral healthcare sector to be confronted with the many moving pieces involved. Whether working in admissions, billing or directly providing care, it is rare that you will always stay specifically within your silo. 

An admissions specialist needs updated and timely information about service availability before admitting patients. Billing staff needs to know about patient attendance and engagement with services before making the appropriate charges. Clinicians need to send and receive information from other departments to provide the most informed patient care. 

Since this information is usually housed in separate places electronically and sometimes even physically, a substantial amount of time might be spent collecting this data. Constantly sending emails, making phone calls, and dealing with the frustration that accompanies those tasks interrupt workflow, productivity, and ultimately the functioning of the facility as a whole. 

A Single Access Point and Endless Data

Imagine how smoothly each day would run without these constant interruptions. So much time could be saved and put to use more efficiently if Customer Relation Management (CRM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) were integrated. If you are intrigued by this notion, an All-In-One system is a solution your team needs.

When you log into the Lightning Step platform, you have a CRM, EMR, and RCM all in one place. Data entered in one location will be lightning-threaded to all other points in the system, meaning that a simple click of your mouse is as difficult as information retrieval gets. 

At the beginning of the admission process, the CRM will track potential patient inquiries and referral sources. Each interaction will be logged into the system, and pre-admission data and documents will be automatically threaded into the EMR upon patient admission. The admission specialist can see live information about bed availability and discharges to provide accurate information and enable the patient to make quicker decisions.

Once the patient is receiving treatment in your facility, the EMR hosts a wealth of information about their needs and the care they are receiving. Staff can upload detailed information about which medications were administered and when, the results of assessments, and shift notes. 

With patient information centrally located, staff members can pick up where others left off. This is especially important during shift changes and when the unexpected happens, such as a staff member calling off sick. Staff members can also customize their experience while using Lightning Step, allowing them to easily incorporate the platform into their workflow while maintaining accurate notes.

The EMR can also integrate lab reports and electronic prescriptions so the clinical staff can incorporate this necessary information as quickly as possible into patient care. Another powerful feature is that attendance input into the system can instantly inform the RCM to make the appropriate charges.

The RCM works with the rest of the system to ensure you are receiving an accurate return on the investment in your patients so that your facility can maintain the essential work it’s performing. Automatic billing and integration with insurance providers will make the process as seamless for patients as it is for staff.

The patient portal within the system allows patients and family members to access information easily and submit required documents and payments, keeping everyone on the same page. When administrative tasks are contained within the portal, staff and families can communicate about what matters most: the patient getting quality care.

Easy and Safe

You might be wondering if a system that is capable of keeping track of so much information could ever be user-friendly. Not only is our system powerful, but it is easy to learn and even easier to use regularly. We aim to empower staff at every level of the organization to utilize this system in their daily routines and become superusers. That’s why we emphasize comprehensive training with our implementation specialists because the faster everyone gets comfortable with the technology, the faster everyone can return to providing optimal patient care and customer relations.

Lightning Step not only threads information between the CRM, EMR, and RCM but also integrates your data with external platforms you might utilize, such as Salesforce or Twilio. Our product allows you to build upon and streamline the essential components of your existing workflow.

In addition to being highly accessible, Lightning Step’s system is safe, using encryption to secure private health information and comply with Joint Commission and CARF standards. The next time your facility is visited for a JCAHO audit, your documentation will be up-to-date and in one place, so there is no need to worry or scramble at the last minute.

More and more people are accessing behavioral healthcare services, and complications arising from interdepartmental communication can mean these people are left waiting, often in acute distress. Human error happens in even the most tightly run ship, and having to manually re-enter data time and time again will inevitably increase the odds of this happening. Accuracy and speed matter in the behavioral healthcare industry, and having the right tools is essential in reaching these goals. If you and your staff are using separate platforms for CRM, EMR, and RCM, it’s time for a solution that simplifies and enhances the process. Lightning Step Technologies can provide this solution with our All-In-One system. We will work with your staff to get the system up and running so that you are ready to provide premium care to your patients from their first contact with you until discharge. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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