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Blogs February 7, 2022

The Importance of a User-Friendly Software

Treating patients in the behavioral healthcare industry is a significant and meaningful job. From admissions to discharge, all points of the process are essential. Software that focuses on Customer Relation Management (CRM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) streamline a facility’s processes. In turn, this eases the work of the clinical, marketing, and administrative staff so that they can spend less time behind a computer and more time making sure the needs of their patients are met. The most crucial piece of ensuring behavioral healthcare professionals spend more time with their patients is making sure this software is user-friendly.

Easing the Admissions Process

Getting a patient into a behavioral healthcare facility starts with the admissions process. At this point of contact, an individual has their first impression of a facility and its staff. User-friendly software allows the admissions team to have ease of access to the information needed while paying full attention to a patient on the phone.

At Lightning Step Technologies, our CRM software helps facilities ease the admissions process by improving the efficiency of admissions and data entry. Our software makes data easy to enter and transfer to other staff throughout the facility. CRM is an efficient way to improve the relationships between a patient and the behavioral healthcare facility without sacrificing the quality of care.

Increasing Time Management for Staff

Being able to increase time management will help behavioral healthcare facilities spend more time with their patients. The All-In-One EMR system with Lightning Step Technologies allows for this to happen. There are various ways our software increases time management, including:

#1. The Use of Templates

Our All-In-One EMR system provides behavioral healthcare facilities templates to design their own medical charts that benefit their practices and procedures. This ensures that the facility gets the most out of its charts without staff skipping over unnecessary questions or notes. Using templates with an All-In-One EMR system will improve user-friendly qualities and promote patient satisfaction.

#2. Less Data Entry

Without EMR integration, the same information often has to be entered into multiple platforms. However, when the systems are integrated, the information only has to be entered into the data system once. As a result, there is less of a chance of clerical errors and less time spent on the computer.

For example, pre-admission assessments created in the CRM software will be automatically transferred to EMRs, allowing clinical staff in the facility to have easy access to this information. It also reduces the need to ask patients the same questions multiple times.

#3. Communication Across Staff and Outside the Facility

Not only does our all-in-one solution provide ease of use and save time that would have been spent searching for a physical file, but the software also allows users to share and send records within the facility or to primary care physicians. Our efficient system makes it easy for administrative staff to email records to other providers.

A More Proficient Billing Software

When it’s time for billing or discharge, an RCM that is fully integrated within its EMR collects information across the board and is converted to one place allowing for auto-generated charges, easy-to-perform billing audits, and patient billing. A user-friendly integrated system means no more entering the same information over and over again, preventing any issues that may come about as a result of using multiple platforms or cross-communication and other technical errors.

A user-friendly RCM system will also allow for the ability to auto-generate charges. An integrated system can auto-generate costs for treatment based on the data it pulls from the EMR and CRM. With a non-integrated system, census information is typically handed over to the billing department and manually entered into the RCM. However, this can become a tedious task; with a fully integrated system, more time is spent on handling patient care.

Better Patient and Facility Satisfaction

When a behavioral healthcare facility has user-friendly software to use across all departments, they can better focus on patient care, improving the facility’s reputation and patient morale. When staff members eliminate time spent behind a computer manually typing information or searching for data, they can spend more time providing quality care to patients instead. When comprehensive data is presented through an integrated system, it is also easier to quickly answer any questions a patient may have regarding their treatment plan.

A user-friendly system can lead to fewer clerical errors and increase staff productivity and customer satisfaction. In turn, this leads to a better reputation for the facility overall, and better patient and staff experience, thereby increasing overall efficiency and providing more positive outcomes.

 Working in behavioral health is a critical, rewarding job. However, when so much time is spent obtaining patient information, typing in data, and billing information, it can be challenging to keep your facility patient-focused. At Lightning Step Technologies, our All-In-One fully integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM systems make for user-friendly software that can significantly benefit your facility. From admission to discharge, every step of the process becomes streamlined. Your admissions team can then focus on patients over the phone while also obtaining the information they need to help individuals move forward in the process. Your clinical staff will have easy access to information from pre-assessments, minimizing the need to ask multiple questions allowing them to focus on patients. Lastly, your billing department will have easy access to medical charges, streamline the process, and reduce the risk for errors, thus protecting your program further. For more information on Lightning Step Technologies’ user-friendly solutions, schedule a demo today!

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