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Blogs February 15, 2022

Using EMR as a Case Manager


At Lightning Step Technologies, our all-in-one software solution is used at behavioral healthcare facilities across the country. Our Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Customer Relation Management(CRM), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)  tools are used by various professionals in different roles throughout the behavioral health industry. However, a fully integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM software can be particularly beneficial for case managers. 

Access to Information From CRM and the Admissions Team

The process of admissions is often the first step for patients in a behavioral healthcare facility. An individual usually has to speak to an admissions representative to go over insurance information, sign necessary documents, and do a pre-admission assessment. The information about the patient obtained during this step is crucial to the clinical staff at a facility, including case managers. 

When information is entered into the CRM system by the admissions staff, it automatically transfers into the EMR software where case managers can access it. This data often includes what the patient is struggling with, any co-occurring disorders they may be experiencing, current medications, why they chose to seek treatment, and more. As a case manager, having this information on hand can help create the best treatment plan for patients.

Once a patient is officially admitted into a facility, a case manager can quickly refer to this information to get them acquainted with the treatment process right away. Instead of requiring patients to sit down and answer the same questions while entering the same data again, case managers will already know much of the information needed to begin treatment. This enhances not only the patient experience but the case manager and professional’s experience as well. 

The Ability to See Consents From the Client Portal 

Sometimes, part of the role of a case manager is involving family and other loved ones in a patient’s treatment experience. By doing this, case managers provide the patient with the support they need for successful treatment, especially when reintegrating into society after a residential stay. However, if a family member or loved one does not have consent to patient information, a case manager cannot speak with them. 

In Lightning Step’s integrated Client Portal, patients and their families have easy access to consent forms. This way, they can sign any necessary documents to give approved family members or loved ones the ability to know about their treatment. This makes the treatment process fully customizable for both the patient and case manager. 

Coordinating Care With Other Clinical Staff

While case managers often provide treatment counsel and are a vital part of the treatment process, they most likely are not engaging in direct therapy or prescribing medication. However, they can relay essential information to the professionals who do provide these services to help the patient get the most out of treatment. With the information obtained from pre-assessments and biopsychosocial exams that live in our EMR system, a case manager can create the best course of action for treatment. Case managers can also see notes from other clinical staff that can help them pivot the direction of treatment and associated treatment plans as needed. 

For example, a case manager can use Lightning Step to pass off information to an EMDR therapist to know the patient may benefit significantly from this form of treatment. A therapist may also note that the patient is scared to leave residential treatment. When a case manager sees this information, they can help the patient develop strategies to help them feel comfortable going home while still focusing on their recovery. 

EMR at PHP and IOP Levels of Care

Our all-in-one behavioral healthcare software is not only beneficial for case managers at the residential treatment level; it can also help case managers coordinate at the PHP and IOP levels of care. Just like the residential level of treatment, case managers have access to information obtained at admissions to help create the best course of action for care. 

However, they will also have easy access to attendance information. As a case manager, being able to see how often a patient is attending groups, sessions, and all aspects of their treatment can help you determine further depths of any treatment concerns or issues arising within their stay. For example, a patient may miss a day of PHP or IOP due to work, illness, or another crisis. A case manager can help the patient find the necessary resources to take time off work while focusing on their treatment. Case managers may also notice patients missing multiple days of treatment. With this information, the case manager can sit down with the patient and have an in-depth conversation about what is going on. When they can understand what a patient may need to increase their attendance and participation, a case manager can do their best to provide what is necessary for the best treatment experience. 

An integrated and easy-to-use EMR like Lightning Step positively enhances a case manager’s experience working with and treating the patients they care for. The patient themselves also have an enhanced experience by watching their treatment team benefit from seamless informational exchange across one another, which reduces the need for repetitive questions and improves the efficiency of the patient’s treatment experience.

At Lightning Step Technologies, our fully integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM software is beneficial to behavioral healthcare staff at all levels. However, our All-In-One EMR system can be most helpful to case managers. As a case manager at a behavioral healthcare facility, you can use our EMR software to access all necessary information obtained during admission and have the ability to see consents obtained by patients and their families in the Client Portal. You can also coordinate care with other clinical staff and help patients at PHP and IOP levels of care. At Lightning Step Technologies, we bring together the fundamentals required for a successful treatment facility. Our fully integrated software helps behavioral healthcare facilities guide their patients from referral to discharge and beyond with one connected system. With an easy-to-use solution that saves time, you can focus more on what matters, patient-centered care. For more information on Lightning Step Technologies and our innovative software, schedule a demo today!



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