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Lightning Step Features August 31, 2022

We Can Help You Decrease Customization Time


When it comes to the type of information that needs to be captured and stored about patients, the behavioral health treatment community has many of the same needs. Whether it is intake screening forms or attendance, certain needs can be anticipated just by the nature of the industry. 

However, this does not mean that every treatment center has the exact same needs. Despite the similarities, a one-size-fits-all solution is not the answer if you want maximum flexibility without sacrificing accuracy. You need an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software that you can make your own, not one with undesirable features you need to work around to get to what you need.

Customize Quickly and Easily

Lightning Step Technologies recognizes that everyone has different needs, which is why we have emphasized customization in our product. While they are under the umbrella, treatment centers that provide services more centered on substance use disorder (SUD) or those that focus their approach more on mental health have different treatment methods and timelines. For this reason, the same set of forms will not work optimally for both of these centers. 

For example, a substance abuse treatment center might incorporate more of a medical approach to their care, with physicians attending to those in detox and managing medication-assisted treatment. This would require information about laboratory results, vitals, and other physical exams by a doctor. 

On the other hand, a treatment center specializing more in mood and anxiety disorders might not have that same need to document physical health information to that extent. Additionally, needs vary depending on whether the treatment center offers inpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential, or a mix of these levels of treatment.

Custom Form Builder

Instead of having to cross out unnecessary fields on a standardized form or repeatedly type “N/A,” Lightning Step allows you to quickly develop a form that addresses the information you need and no more or less. Our custom form builder is easy and intuitive, implementing a drag-and-drop interface to allow you to effortlessly add, delete, and rearrange fields until you have the ideal form. Once a custom form is created, you can save it to reuse again and again, meaning that the effort you put into that initial form will be rewarded with expediency in the future.

Additionally, individual users can access the form builder and design forms that better suit their workflow. Your therapists, nurses, and administrative staff all have different roles and approaches. Empowering them to complete their documentation in a way that is intuitive to them will save everyone time and allow for every staff member’s focus to be on the most important thing: patient well-being and success. 

Without custom form builders, other systems are clunky. With how important accurate and timely documentation is in this industry, working with a program that makes you feel like you are forcing a round peg into a square hole each time you try to enter data can be frustrating at best and detrimental to your organization at worst. Lightning Step works for you, not the other way around.

Preloaded Forms Cut Down on Time

As helpful as the custom form builder can be in personalizing your approach to documentation, it can be daunting to imagine you have to create your own form for everything. That is why Lightning Step has preloaded forms, consents, and other tools into the system. 

Our product was developed by industry leaders who understand the needs of those in the behavioral health sector. With that expertise, we have designed Lightning Step Technologies to be picked up and used on the very first day without the need for everything to be made from scratch.

For those aspects that most treatment centers have in common, like needing to track attendance, insurance information, and medication administration, Lightning Step has pre-built forms. We understand the documentation needs of treatment centers. 

However, we also recognize that each patient that walks through the door is a unique individual who requires an individualized approach. For this reason, we have made it easy to customize in addition to providing a wide variety of preloaded forms.

An All-In-One System

Lightning Step’s preloaded forms and custom form builder are just two aspects of a much larger All-In-One System. Our product combines an EMR (Electronic Medical Records), CRM (Customer Relation Management), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) all in one place. With a single login and a single price, your organization has access to industry-leading software that meets all your needs, allowing you to document a patient’s progress from their first contact with your admissions staff through discharge and beyond. 

Anything entered in one place in the system, such as in a custom form you designed, is automatic “lightning threaded” throughout the rest of the system, making repeated data entry a thing of the past. 

Are you searching for a solution to your behavioral health care documentation needs that feels more intuitive than rigid and offers flexibility without compromising quality or accuracy? You most likely have experienced a lot of frustration if you have gone through the trial and error of finding the right combination of systems to meet the entire spectrum of your needs. Learning how to use them, struggling with how to integrate them, and spending time troubleshooting them when something inevitably goes wrong most likely has you wondering if there’s a better way. Fortunately, Lightning Step Technologies has eliminated the need for separate EMR, CRM, RCM, and billing software, because our All-In-One System can do it all seamlessly. We have a robust product that allows you to manage the big picture while also tweaking the smallest details with features like our custom form builder. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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