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Lightning Step Features August 30, 2022

What Makes Lightning Step’s Software User-Friendly?


A software’s performance can only be as good as its user’s. No matter how impressive its capabilities are if the user cannot work with a program effectively, it will not deliver on its promises. 

As a result, your company may have tried complicated programs and been dissatisfied or even frustrated with the difficulty of interacting with them. You may have even tried to string together several simpler programs to fulfill your organization’s varied admissions, medical records, and billing needs and became overwhelmed or slowed down. 

If this is the case for your company, you are probably dreaming of an option that does it all without the headache. Lightning Step Technologies has made that very need our mission because we know how valuable time is to your staff and how it can be better used when directed toward clients instead of clunky technology.

All-In-One System

Our All-In-One system combines CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) and puts it all behind one login and one price. We have designed our program to seamlessly integrate a client’s data from their first contact with your organization all the way to alumni outreach efforts once they have been discharged, with all of the treatment and billing details in between being captured. 

Seamless Data Entry

Lightning Step’s All-In-One system utilizes lightning threading to take data entered at one point in the system and distribute it throughout the rest of the system. This means endless data entry is no longer part of your job description.

A single entry from the admissions team can be built upon by someone on the treatment team and utilized by the billing team without the need to manually input data each step along the way. It is a thing of the past to call various departments to piece together the details, update a client’s records, or track down a piece of missing information.

Reducing the Chances of Errors

In addition to freeing up time, automatic integration reduces the chance of error. In an industry like behavioral healthcare, where the demand is increasingly high, and workers are taking on more and more responsibility to keep up and provide quality care to clients, human error is not out of the realm of possibility. 

Toward the end of a long shift, it becomes more likely to enter a client’s vitals or medication updates incorrectly and not realize them until there are consequences, which can sometimes be significant. The more times a piece of information needs to be added to the system, the more possibilities there are to make a mistake. Lightning threading can save you time and give you back your peace of mind while safeguarding the accuracy of client information.

Accessible to Everyone

Our system is highly capable of storing and threading data, but it is not difficult to learn. We know that it is essential that staff members with a variety of roles and expertise should be able to access and contribute to a client’s records, and that is why Lightning Step has designed our system to be used by anyone in your organization, no matter their level of familiarity with this type of software.

Access to Training

We also prioritize training your staff on our system to get it up and running without a hitch. When you work with Lightning Step, you are not just purchasing software and heading out on your own; our team will work with you every step of the way, including on the day of launch, where our specialists will be on-site to conduct live training and troubleshoot on the spot. 

We want our customers to have a positive experience from their first use of our software, which is why we won’t leave you in the dark. Once your staff members learn the system, they will be adequately prepared to integrate it into their workflow. The benefits will be readily apparent without the growing pains of struggling with new software.

One Login, Endless Possibilities

Lightning Step’s All-In-One system has the capabilities of three distinct systems without the hassle of remembering three different passwords, worrying about three different two-factor authentication processes, and keeping track of three different interfaces. 

Better Security

Logging into separate systems eats up time and attention, and it also can compromise security. Coming up with one strong password for the entire system instead of three that need to be written down or may be made similar to one another for ease of remembering can go further in protecting sensitive client information.

Integration With Third-Party Vendors

Even though our system encompasses most of the data needs of a behavioral healthcare facility, we understand that there will be other programs that suit your needs as well. That is why we have designed our system to integrate seamlessly with common programs like Salesforce, Waystar, CaredFor, and several others. You don’t need to give up your existing workflow to accommodate Lightning Step or struggle to incorporate your desired applications; we make it a straightforward process.

Options to Customize

Our system might be All-In-One, but we recognize it’s not one-size-fits-all. We have made the system customizable, meaning you can take what you need and leave the rest. With other systems, you may find some aspects non-applicable or wish certain aspects specific to your organization were included. With Lightning Step, you can design your own forms rather than using generic templates. These forms can be saved to easily use next time, allowing you to find the right form setup for your workflow and not look back.

There are many specialized tasks involved in operating a behavioral healthcare facility. Deciding whether admission is suitable for a potential client, administering medications and conducting therapy, and keeping track of different insurances are all fundamental activities that require the time and attention of your staff. Adding on a complicated CRM, EMR, and RCM is not an extra burden that your team should need to carry in addition to all of the essential work they perform. Convoluted administrative tasks can dilute the attention given to your clients, and we know that is the last thing you want when keeping accurate records is crucial in this industry. Our staff at Lightning Step Technologies understands this problem, and we have simplified the data management process to make a system that meets all your needs without compromising personalized client care. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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