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Lightning Step Features August 30, 2022

Why Call Tracking Metrics Are a Must for Expanding Growth Through Marketing


As someone in the behavioral healthcare industry, you know the potential difficulties of attracting new clients. You can offer the highest quality treatment with highly trained mental health professionals and superior facilities. However, if potential clients are not able to find you, your life-saving services are not able to reach the people most in need of them. 

If you are having trouble admitting new clients or are not growing at the rate you desire, many points in the process could be contributing to the issue. Recognizing these different areas can help you expand your reach. Even if your organization is thriving and you are receiving calls from interested individuals left and right, it is still crucial to understand how people come to find out about your services.

How Lightning Step Technologies Can Help

Lightning Step Technologies has consulted extensively with industry experts to design a system that does just that. Our product boasts an All-In-One system with seamlessly integrated CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) capabilities to meet all of your data tracking and storage needs in one package. 

The CRM includes a Call Tracking Metrics tool that can automatically fill in the gaps and answer your team’s questions about how potential clients find your organization and are compelled to contact you. Did someone refer them to you? Did they see an advertisement you posted? Have they called your organization before, or is this their initial contact? Has a certain doctor or health professional referred several individuals to your center?

Call Tracking Metrics can answer all of these questions and more without requiring you to ask the caller about each of them directly. Instead of spending precious time on the phone asking clients about how they found you or sending out surveys and analyzing the results yourself, or, what is more likely, sending out those surveys and never seeing a response, you can focus on the potential client’s needs that brought them to you. 

Building Rapport

While this information is crucial for expanding your organization and can inform many business decisions, it is not something your callers have at the forefront of their minds. They may not care at all about it, and being asked all these questions can make them feel like a source of revenue rather than a person needing behavioral healthcare services. Allowing the system to do its job and collect information allows you to do your job and relate to potential clients on a personal level. 

While fielding these calls is your job, the experience you provide to callers can be a lifeline. Building rapport with clients from the very first point of contact can set the tone for the therapeutic relationship to come, making them feel more comfortable about seeking treatment if they are still on the fence and, more specifically, feeling confident that your center is what they have been looking for. 

Call Tracking Metrics takes care of those details while keeping a record of previous contacts with a caller. If this is their first time calling versus their third or fourth, you might have a better idea of how to approach the call and the caller’s needs. Happy clients who feel understood and supported as individuals can be the best advocates for your organization, spreading around the good word and potentially generating a flow of new clients who were convinced by a glowing review.

Informing Wiser Investments

Call Tracking Metrics can tell you where your callers got your contact information. If they saw an advertisement, then posted and clicked on it to initiate the call, that will be recorded. If they found your information on your website or another website, you will know. 

With this information at your fingertips, you can see how different sources of advertising compare in attracting callers, how many times those callers reached out, and how many of those callers proceeded to admission. Rather than making predictions on where to best invest your marketing dollars and hoping to see results that align with those predictions, you can funnel your money into the precise areas that generate results for your organization. 

From Referrals to Relationships

If you are seeing through Call Tracking Metrics that certain health professionals are consistently referring clients to your care, it might be worth exploring more. Creating and maintaining a network of providers who trust your organization to provide quality care can help establish you as a more prominent voice in the behavioral healthcare industry. Having allies out there that you can rely on to give you solid client leads can facilitate growth for your organization and open up more opportunities.

Quick and Efficient Admissions

With Call Tracking Metrics integrated into the CRM and connected to the EMR, admissions staff can easily access discharge information and see what beds are available. Having this information on hand without requesting it from other departments can move the admissions process along more quickly. 

If a client has called numerous times to inquire about services and calls back one last time to initiate services, you will have all that context and be able to help them secure their spot in treatment without them needing to wait any longer. This applies even if the caller spoke to a different staff member each time. The system can keep track regardless, allowing for continuous communication no matter who picks up the phone.

Lightning Step Technologies’ All-In-One system considers everything you and your team need, including encrypted medical records, automatic billing, a patient portal, and Call Tracking Metrics. We know that your relationship with your clients begins the moment they call your organization for the very first time, and we want to support the entirety of that relationship by helping you keep your important data all in one place. Our software is easy to learn and incorporate into your existing workflow, and we take the time to visit your site and train each staff member to prepare everyone for launch and prevent any hiccups that can disrupt client care. With seamless connections to popular applications like Salesforce and CaredFor, you can keep the aspects of your existing system that work well while saving you time and expanding your capabilities. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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