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Lightning Step Features February 1, 2022

Why Choose Lightning Step Over Other EMR Softwares?

When working in a behavioral healthcare facility, staff often have various EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software options to benefit their treatment center. However, not all EMR software systems are built the same.

At Lightning Step Technologies, our fully integrated All-In-One CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR, and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) solution is like no other. We help behavioral healthcare facilities of all sizes aid patients from the point of referral to discharge with an easy-to-use system, improving their reputation and boosting their clientele.

A Fully-Integrated System

With Lightning Step Technologies, all of your facilities’ needs live in one place. On the other hand, many EMR companies require different platforms for CRMs and RCMs. When trying to use all three together, information can get lost in translation, making it challenging to use.

Within CRM, EMR, and RCM software lies essential data that can be analyzed to improve the growth of a behavioral health treatment facility to best treat patients. Having all of this data in one place that any staff member in the company can easily access will allow for more detailed, seamless clearance across all functions of the treatment center.

However, if a facility requires other software to be integrated into a CRM, EMR, or RCM, Lightning Step Technologies can help. For example, many behavioral healthcare facilities use Salesforce as a part of their CRM workflow. Facilities can meet with our engineering team to build features that fit the needs of any behavioral healthcare organization.

Integration With Call Tracking Metrics

Lightning Step Technologies can integrate Call Tracking Metrics into CRMs for behavioral healthcare facilities. Call Tracking Metrics provides a more straightforward platform for admissions and marketing to keep track of necessary information. With Call Tracking Metrics, behavioral healthcare facilities can track how their facility gets their calls, enter notes, keep track of call history, and connect between admissions and marketing.

At Lightning Step Technologies, our fully-integrated system allows facilities to track every call and capture detailed demographics about patients from their very first phone call. Our software automates critical demographic data from every caller instead of admissions representatives having to hand-type any necessary information such as name and phone number when receiving a call. Call Tracking Metrics integrated with our CRM software will speed up workflow by creating more efficient systems that generate seamless transitions.

An Easy-to-Use Software Solution 

When a behavioral healthcare facility chooses Lightning Step Technologies for their CRM, EMR, and RCM software needs, they are choosing an easy-to-use solution. The essential features of our software that make it easy-to-use include:

#1. Increasing Time Management Through Template Use

Being able to increase time management helps behavioral healthcare facilities spend more time with their patients. At Lightning Step Technologies, our All-In-One CRM, EMR, and RCM software system gives behavioral healthcare staff the option to use templates. This helps staff design their own medical charts and other necessary forms to help them most benefit from their practices and procedures. Using templates can ensure that staff at a behavioral healthcare facility get the most out of their charts without skipping over unnecessary questions or notes. Using templates with Lightning Step Technologies will improve the user-friendly qualities of our software and promote patient satisfaction.

#2. Less Data Entry

Without EMR integration, the same information often has to be entered into multiple platforms. However, when the systems are integrated, data only has to be entered into the data system once. As a result, there will be less of a chance of clerical errors. When a facility chooses Lightning Step Technologies for their software needs, they can ensure patient information is easily transferred between CRMs, EMRs, and RCMs with no error.

#3. User-Friendly Billing Software

When it’s time for billing or discharge, an RCM fully integrated with its EMR collects information across the board and is converted to one place allowing for auto-generated charges, easy-to-perform billing audits, and patient billing. A user-friendly integrated system means no more entering the same information repeatedly, preventing any issues that may come as a result of using multiple systems.

At Lightning Step Technologies, our integrated system can also auto-generate charges based on the patient data it pulls from the EMR and CRM. With a non-integrated system, census information is typically handed over to the billing department and manually entered into the RCM. However, this can become a tedious task and leaves a large margin for error. Having a fully integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM software system helps ensure facilities are billing the correct amount on the correct date.

EMR software is essential to behavioral healthcare facilities; however, not all EMR software systems are built the same. At Lightning Step Technologies, our fully integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM software can benefit behavioral healthcare facilities more than any other EMR software. Our system ensures information is passed along to all staff at all levels of care. We can also integrate any necessary software, such as Salesforce or Microsoft BI, and build any features that will best benefit your facility. Lightning Step Technologies also integrates our CRM software with Call Tracking Metrics, which is essential to streamlining the process of admissions and provides marketing with the necessary information to best do their job. Most importantly, Lightning Step Technologies can provide your facility with easy-to-use software through templates, less data entry, and user-friendly billing software. We aim to make things as easy as possible for our clients to maintain an efficient workflow and uphold a positive reputation. To learn more, schedule a demo today!

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