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Lightning Step Features August 31, 2022

Why Is It Important to Integrate With Third-Party Vendors?


At Lightning Step Technologies, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet your EMR (Electronic Medical Records), CRM (Customer Relation Management), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) needs with a single All-In-One system. Our product is designed to capture and organize all of your vital patient data, including a potential client’s first contact with your admissions staff, their treatment and medication information, their insurance details, and even their progress after discharge. 

Rather than combining a separate EMR, CRM, and RCM to meet all your business needs and training staff on each of them, troubleshooting them separately, and paying three separate costs, we offer a product that eliminates all of that work and provides a convenient solution.

Even with our capabilities, we understand that many elements of your existing workflow truly worked for you and your staff, and we don’t want to disrupt your process when you switch over to us. That is why we have built-in integrations with several third-party vendors that are popular in the behavioral healthcare industry. Just as Lightning Step provides seamless integration between the EMR, CRM, and RCM and eliminates the need for repeated data entry, we also have convenient integrations with several outside apps that can extend your ability to customize and optimize your experience with us.

Whether you are a long-standing client of a particular vendor and could not live without their services, or you are simply interested in trying out a vendor you have not worked with in the past, Lightning Step can make it happen. We provide access to industry-leading services like Salesforce, call tracking metrics, Microsoft Power BI, DoseSpot, CaredFor, and Twilio through our integrations, allowing you to manage all aspects of your organization from the Lightning Step dashboard. Our All-In-One system and third-party integrations provide you and your staff the opportunity to benefit from a convenient and comprehensive interface while still maintaining seamless access to the vendors your organization relies upon.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a CRM tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze a company’s outlook and empower decision-making. It facilitates customer service by helping an organization manage potential client leads and increase the likelihood of those potential clients becoming actual customers. If you are currently using Salesforce as part of your business software package, transferring data to Lightning Step throughout integration is simple. You can continue using their analytic capabilities to better seek out and retain prospective clients.

Call Tracking Metrics

Call tracking metrics are another robust CRM tool that helps behavioral health treatment centers find clients and matches them to the appropriate services. It keeps a log of a client’s call history and automatically pulls demographic information, allowing admissions staff to focus on the most pressing need. 

If a potential client calls more than once, staff can see that record and any information gathered during previous calls to easily build rapport and help them decide whether your organization’s services best fit their treatment needs. Our integration with call tracking metrics allows admissions staff to see the number of beds available and provide timely information to a caller, expediting the admissions process. Additionally, information collected through call tracking metrics — such as pre-admissions screenings and insurance details — are accessible throughout the rest of the system.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an analytics powerhouse that can help an organization make business decisions more quickly and decisively. It builds off of skills you and your staff already have from familiarity with other Microsoft products like Excel to create and share data reports. Lightning Step’s integration with Microsoft Power BI allows you to utilize data stored in the All-In-One system to analyze trends and future pathways.


DoseSpot is a necessity for treatment centers that provide medication management services. It manages electronic prescriptions and refills while monitoring for patient allergies and potential drug interactions. DoseSpot integrates seamlessly with Lightning Step’s EMR, allowing patients to continue receiving the medications they need without the hassle.


CaredFor is an integration that allows patients to connect to your services even after discharge. It is an alumni social network that connects former patients of your treatment center and enables them to support each other in recovery. It also allows you to engage with alumni and gather information about who is thriving and who is at risk. Utilizing this Lightning Step integration can help you establish your organization as one that truly cares about patients even after they have completed treatment as well as gather critical information about the effectiveness of your treatment well beyond discharge. 

A behavioral health treatment center has many data needs. On the everyday level, it needs to keep track of patient progress, including attendance, appointments, and medications given. On a larger level, it needs to be aware of how it is performing financially. Performing financial forecasts and effectively managing client leads are necessary components of ensuring the financial health and growth of your treatment center. Lightning Step was designed by industry experts who understand and anticipate those needs, and that is why we not only provide an All-In-One system that boasts a robust RCM, EMR, and CRM with one intuitive interface, but we have also gone the extra mile to seamlessly integrate with powerful third-party vendors we know our clients love. With Lightning Step, you can continue using staples like Salesforce and Microsoft Power BI, among many others, or easily give them a try. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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