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February 13, 2024

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Care: Nature-Based and Personalized Behavioral Health - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 21 - Renee Baribeau

Dive into an eye-opening discussion on nature-based healing and personalized behavioral healthcare with host Benjamin Turner and featured guest Renee Baribeau, Brand Marketing Manager and Practical Shaman at Montera Behavioral Health.

Filmed at The Global Exchange Conference, Renee spotlights innovative yet ancient traditions to treat addiction, depression, and trauma holistically. She explains Montera's "Discovery Model" catering treatment to each client's unique needs.

Though cautiously optimistic about new technologies like psychedelic-assisted therapies, Renee stresses that set, setting, and proper facilitation remain paramount. Most of all, she shares a perspective too often forgotten in today's medical model - attending to body, mind, and spirit equally.

Tune into this impactful video shining light on alternative modalities advancing the field with wisdom and compassion. Stay tuned for more from Behavioral Health Innovators.


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