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Videos December 14, 2023

Compassion Over Stigma: Housing Shortages and the Long Road of Recovery - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 6 - Tim Roberto

Join advocate Benjamin Turner for a meaningful discussion with Tim Roberto, Community Liaison and Culture Developer at Mandala Healing Center, about ongoing challenges and compassions within the behavioral health space.


In this impactful segment from Behavioral Health Innovators, presented by Lightning Step at The Global Exchange Conference, Tim draws on his 17 years of recovery to stress the power of human connection and meeting people where they are.

Tim and Benjamin explore substantive issues like the stigma that still surrounds addiction and mental health disorders, despite increased awareness, as well as systemic barriers like lack of supportive housing post-treatment.

But the conversation ultimately focuses on uplifting hope, conveying that recovery is possible when we approach it with nuance, empathy and care for the whole person. This is part of a video series committed to positive change by spotlighting voices of wisdom and change.



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