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Videos December 5, 2023

Responding to Mental Health Emergencies - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 3 - Dr. Marlon Rollins

Join advocate Benjamin Turner for a thoughtful discussion with Marlon Rollins, PhD, LPCC, LMHC, Chief Operating Officer and President of Renewal Health Group, on responding to mental health crises.


In this segment of Behavioral Health Innovators, presented by Lightning Step at The Global Exchange Conference, Benjamin and Marlon explore critical issues like warning signs, safety planning, the power of connection, and gaps in the current system.

Dr. Rollins stresses the need for care, compassion and collaboration when someone is experiencing suicidal ideation or psychosis. He shares innovative applications of technology to expand access and integration.

Both guests clearly want to reduce stigma around struggles while also improving emergency services and ongoing treatment. Tune in to learn from two professionals committed to nuance, humanity and positive change.

This impactful interview series gives voice to the vulnerable and sheds light on those working diligently to uplift people in darkness.



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