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Videos January 18, 2024

Core Principles of Trauma Support and Collective Healing - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 12 - Pamela Mott

Join advocate Benjamin Turner for an uplifting discussion with Pamela Mott, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, about core principles of trauma-informed care and community-based support.

In this impactful segment from Behavioral Health Innovators, presented at The Global Exchange Conference, Pamela stresses the paramount importance of establishing emotional and physical safety when working with trauma survivors. She suggests additional training, better compensation, and peer programming to empower both clients and clinicians.

Pamela conveys the courage required to share lived experiences while emphasizing that collective spaces can provide acceptance and belonging. Her commitment to destigmatizing struggles comes through clearly. Stay tuned for more conversations upholding wisdom, compassion, and our shared humanity.



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