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Videos January 9, 2024

Innovating Therapy with Compassion and Technology - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 9 - Quinn Padilla

Join advocate Benjamin Turner for an uplifting discussion with Quinn Padilla, trauma therapist, and life coach, about innovative therapy through compassion and technology.

In this forward-thinking segment from Behavioral Health Innovators, presented at The Global Exchange Conference, Quinn shares her own healing journey to now specialize in nervous system regulation and support survivors of domestic violence.

She stresses the power of human connection, even virtually, while remaining open to ethical applications of technology like AI for documentation assistance. Quinn conveys an optimistic yet realistic message - that anxiety, depression, and trauma are treatable with the right support.

Stay tuned for more conversations that sustain hope while confronting real challenges and spotlight professionals who walk their talk in destigmatizing mental health struggles. The future is bright when we take care of each other!



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