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Videos February 5, 2024

Designing for Wellbeing: Crafting Healing Spaces in Mental Healthcare - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 18 - Brian Giebink

Discover how architecture and design can transform mental healthcare. In this segment from The Global Exchange Conference 2023, host Benjamin Turner is joined by Brian Gibank, Mental Health Practice Leader at HDR – an international architecture and consulting firm.

Brian explains HDR's innovative approach to creating mental health treatment spaces, from inpatient facilities to outpatient and crisis centers. Their designs promote healing, inclusion, and hope by focusing on the psychological, physiological, and ecological impact.

Learn why the environment itself plays such a pivotal role in the well-being of those struggling with mental illness. Brian stresses designing spaces with compassion, cultural respect, and input from clinicians, patients, and community members.

He shares specific HDR mental health projects bringing these elements together - from children's centers to a beautiful treatment facility built on indigenous land. Overall, Brian aims to create a sense of belonging through architecture.

Tune into this insightful discussion on connecting physical spaces with mental health needs for a look at the future of treatment design.



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