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Videos June 5, 2024

Pioneering Addiction Recovery: Project Turnabout's Innovative Approach - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 27 - Marti Paulson

We're excited to share insights from the NAATP Conference 2024 in our Behavioral Health Innovators series, presented by Lightning Step. Host Benjamin Turner sat down with Marti Paulson, Chief Executive Officer at Project Turnabout, to discuss their innovative programs and use of technology.

For over half a century, Project Turnabout has been a pillar of support for Minnesota, providing a comprehensive range of care from prevention to continuing care. Marti underscored their significant impact on the community, such as the expansion of withdrawal management beds and the initiation of a unique 'Grow Your Own' program to nurture their staff.

Project Turnabout leverages telehealth for family visits, psychiatry, and outpatient care to improve access. Marti also emphasized the importance of participating in state and national advocacy efforts.

While technology integration can pose challenges, Marti shared how electronic health records, medication barcoding, and CRM software have advanced their data-driven mission. Project Turnabout's progressive approach shines through!

Tune in to Behavioral Health Innovators for more conversations with leaders pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional addiction treatment and recovery services.



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