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Videos January 9, 2024

Technology to Support People: Clinician Wellness and Patient Care - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 11 - Josh Thelen

Join behavioral health advocate Benjamin Turner for an illuminating discussion with Josh Thelen, an intensive case manager, about leveraging technology to improve clinician well-being and patient care.

In this forward-thinking segment, Josh explores innovations like AI-powered paperwork automation and remote monitoring systems, which could free up more time for meaningful therapeutic interactions. However, he notes that excess administrative burdens currently contribute to endemic staff burnout and empathy fatigue.

While optimistic about advancements, Josh stresses that more awareness, adoption, and stakeholder input are needed so that solutions directly address challenges in behavioral health centers. He conveys that technology should support providers serving vulnerable communities rather than hinder them with information overload.

Stay tuned for more conversations upholding both clinician health and the human connections at the heart of compassionate care. The future of the field lies in this balance of technology with humanity.



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