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Blogs June 8, 2022

We Want Your Feedback


At Lightning Step Technologies, we pride ourselves on quality customer service and excellent teamwork. We want to collaborate with your company because we do not want businesses to feel they are given a product and then left to figure it out. Our goal is to help you succeed when using our All-In-One system. 

When we come together, we can solve the difficulties while also being able to build a relationship. We want to have a partnership with you because we believe that businesses prosper when relationships are formed. We also want to build a relationship with you so you are comfortable sharing feedback with us. We are a company built on relationships, and we hope to build one with you. Collaboration is necessary because we want your business to prosper, we want to know how we can improve, and we want to know what you love about our system. 

Smooth Operation

Your patients deserve the highest quality care. When your company is worried about the paperwork, patients may not receive the best care your staff can provide. The added stress of inputting data multiple times takes a toll on staff, leaving them feeling drained. When you start using our All-In-One system, you may begin to find your staff members like their job again. They can then begin to do the work they are passionate about. 

This will make your business become a smooth operation. No longer do your staff need to worry about data entry because they know when they enter it in once, it will automatically carry over to the next system. Now, they can focus on their patients’ needs. Your staff can come to work knowing there will not be hassles involving the system because you have switched to a solution that works for you. Take your business to the next level with our hassle-free, All-In-One system. 

Improvements We Can Make 

We want to know what we can improve on. We would love your feedback on this because if we are not aware of any issues, we cannot fix them. Lightning Step Technologies knows there are aspects of the system that people may not like, so we would love to hear from you. We made our all-in-one system customizable so your company could set your limits and boundaries. There are limitations to every system, so if there is something we can add or take away, we would love the opportunity to know. We believe our system is easy-to-use and easy to learn, but if it lacks functionality anywhere, please let us know your concerns. 

If you think there is something that would help your company through our system, please provide your feedback so we can see if it is something we can accommodate. Perhaps there is a feature you would like implemented to make it easier for your staff. We want to know! 

There are other software systems out there, and we appreciate that you have chosen our All-In-One system. We will show our appreciation by helping you succeed, whether that is by solving your staff’s concerns or improving our system. 

What You Love

There are many things we love about our system. One of these benefits is the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), CRM (Customer Relation Management), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management). We also love the Call Tracking Metrics and how a company can customize the system to fit their needs. 

Our customers love that they can stay in one system for all their company’s needs. We, and our customers, also love that this All-In-One solution saves time and reduces mistakes. Since companies do not need to go through multiple systems, they have found that it saves them money, as well. Mistakes cost money, but our system eliminates repetitious data by autogenerating your patient’s information. 

We want to know what you love. Maybe something specific got your attention while looking at our product. We would love to know what that is! We would also appreciate it if you would refer others to our system. On the other hand, if something is holding you back from referring others, we want to know what is turning you away. We are willing to listen to the feedback and offer a solution. 

We love what you love. Since we are built on relationships, we want to hear the things you enjoy about our system. Other businesses can benefit from saving time and money with our All-In-One solution, but they need to hear about it from someone they trust. We would love to add your testimonial to our page to show people that companies love the system and the collaboration. 

At Lightning Step Technologies, we strive to collaborate with our customers. We want your experience to be the best, so we want to work with you. Our staff has worked in the behavioral health field, so we have experience utilizing multiple frustrating systems. We designed our EMR, RCM, and CRM software to be a system that could be easily navigated. With this, you will no longer need to be frustrated by several platforms since ours is All-In-One. At Lightning Step, your feedback is important because we would like to know what we should update and what should stay the same. Navigating our All-In-One system is easier than ever with collaboration and teamwork. We want your business to be successful and your experience with our system to be beneficial!  To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.



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