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Lightning Step Features July 19, 2022

What to Expect During Our Demo


Lightning Step Technologies All-In-One system was designed for behavioral health care facilities. We are a company that has been in the behavioral healthcare industry for years, so we know first-hand how behavioral healthcare facilities operate. Our team is comprised of former behavioral healthcare workers, those in recovery, and those who have worked with platforms at other behavioral healthcare facilities. We understand your struggles with data, patient care, and staff members. We built this solution to help your facility grow and gain more time to spend with patients. We look forward to meeting you and watching your business soar!

Our system was designed for various facilities, such as:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health 
  • Behavioral health
  • Eating disorders
  • Gaming addiction

Since our system is customizable, you can edit different categories and make them your own. Each type of facility is vital, so we designed a system to help as many facilities as possible. Our background and conversations with other professionals shed light on the needs that many facilities have. Your facility may be dedicating too much time to inputting data, which is why you are here. You may want to devote more time to your patients, and we want to help you do that!

The Demo

When you begin our demo, we will walk you through the CRM (Customer Relation Management) portion of the system. You can see the inquiries you have received before the patient checks into the facility. From the home page, you can view all your patients at your facility and obtain their information from there. You also can customize your home page based on your facility’s needs. We understand that facilities require access to different categories, so we designed it to fit your needs. 

You will also see how Call Tracking Metrics operate. This allows you to track where your referrals are coming from. You can see if the inquiry came from a social media campaign, a Google campaign, or other avenues you are utilizing. 

During the demo, you can also see how our RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) works. You can view how the information is autogenerated, how the insurance information is pre-populated, and how the patient is charged based on their stay. If you have an outpatient environment, they will be charged based on how many sessions they have attended. The RCM will automatically bill the patient based on your staff updating the attendance record. You are also able to pull data from past payments to see how many people were billed, how much your facility is making, and how many alerts have been sent to patients. 

Our demo will also show you the lab portion of the system. Your facility can e-prescribe medication for a quick turnaround. You can also see the patient’s records and determine if more care is needed. In the demo, you can also view: 

  • Bed schedules
  • Emergency contacts
  • Admissions
  • Discharges
  • Staff information 

More information is covered in the demo, and we encourage you to schedule a demo so you can see everything we have to offer. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you our solution. 

Our System Works for You

Our All-In-One system is here to help you spend more time with your patients. As you will see in our demo, our systems work together to allow you to spend less time behind a computer. With the CRM, EMR, and RCM, you will be able to input data once, and information will automatically be sent to the other systems. You will not enter the data into three different systems, nor will you be required to enter the data more than once. 

We believe this system is ideal for facilities such as yours because you will not have the hassle of looking at the same data for hours. By eliminating this struggle, you will realize you have much more time to focus on patient care. 

The patient’s data can be added to their portal before they enter the facility. Their demographics, informed consent, and release of information can be entered into the CRM before admission to your facility. When they enter your facility, their billing information will already be in the system, so the RCM will make sure the payments are being made. The RCM will make sure there are no late payments or missing payments. 

Sometimes, humans overlook payments that have not been received, but the RCM will catch this and send a notification. The patient information is entered before arriving, distributed to other systems, and the duties are performed by each system. Since this information is autogenerated, the systems are combined, making it a true All-In-One solution. 

Lightning Step Technologies wants to connect with you! When you schedule a demo, we will show you the ins and outs of our All-In-One system. We want you to see that this system works for you and that your work can be done more efficiently with it. By scheduling a demo, you will get to meet our team and see that we are built on relationships. We want your team to succeed, so our demo shows you how that can happen. Schedule a demo today to see that our All-In-One system is customizable, does the work for you, and gives you space to do other business-related activities. This system was built for companies like yours so you could have the time, energy, and money you need to run a successful business. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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