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Lightning Step Features July 19, 2022

Allow Your Staff to Spend More Time With Your Patients


The top priority of a behavioral health facility is patient care. Your patients are there because they need help overcoming their addictions, coping with their mental health, and learning how to live with this new care. They depend on your facility to provide them with the answers they are seeking, so it is vital for your staff to be involved with them. Some patients look up to staff because they seem to have their lives together, meaning your team makes an impression on patients. The more positive examples and role models your patients have, the more they may want to succeed. 

Patients need your staff to be more present in their care so they can be involved with human interaction. The staff also needs to continually check in with the patient to ensure their needs are met. When a patient and staff interact regularly, the patient’s desire to maintain sobriety (or stay in treatment) will increase. Your team members are aware of these statistics and know how impactful their presence is from their education as well as their experience. Allow your staff the opportunity to do the work they are passionate about, be with their patients more, and be the change their patients need. 

Computer vs. Patients

It is difficult to be with your patients when there is a lot of data that must be entered. Data must be collected for each patient and then input so the data is not lost. We understand it is challenging to focus on patient care when the computer is demanding your attention. There are several different data types that must be manually entered across multiple systems. When you have to input data multiple times into several different systems, this takes a lot of time away from your patients. They deserve the highest quality care that requires time and attention. 

In behavioral healthcare, computers tend to get most of our attention because we live in a technological world. Additionally, the behavioral healthcare industry is a data-driven world. The information that is collected has to be input, so time spent on a computer is the main focus of your staff. Since patients are a top priority, they should not need to compete with a computer. This is why we created an All-In-One system. 

Your staff also deserve to do the job they are passionate about instead of dreading time-consuming data entry. Your staff may be experiencing burnout because of the number of hours they spend behind a desk trying to make more time for patients. You may hear comments such as, “If I would have wanted to do paperwork, I would have gotten a desk job.” Instead, they want to work with people and create connections with them, making a difference in their lives. They may feel they are not as effective as they could be if they were spending more hours with their patients. 

Our All-In-One System

At Lightning Step Technologies, we designed a system we believe you and your staff will love. We have worked in treatment centers, and some of our staff have been through recovery. We are a team that has experience with the treatments you provide, so we decided to create an easy-to-use solution that will likely benefit your facility and staff morale. We remember the days of sitting behind a desk inputting data into multiple systems and wishing the workday was over. 

Our All-In-One system is comprised of a CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management). Your patients’ private, demographic, and billing information are located in the same system. When the patient’s information is entered into the CRM, it is autogenerated throughout the other systems. You do not need to look up the information and enter it into the other systems again. Instead, you will enter the data once and the system will do the rest of the work for you. 

The EMR carries the information for you and the RCM takes care of your billing information. You no longer need to call an insurance company each time you see a patient because the data entered will generate throughout their stay. If you deal with insurance companies, the RCM will make it easier for you to collect payments. You do not need to worry about the hassle of calling insurance companies, inputting data multiple times, or searching for data. 

We truly believe our system will change the way you view business and revitalize your employees. By saving your staff time and unnecessary headaches, your team’s and patient morale will improve as a result. 

Your patients are important to you and your staff. They deserve the best treatment, and they have chosen you to deliver this to them. Paperwork, data, and computers may keep your team from providing the best care because of time spent focusing on tasks instead of patient care. We created a system where you can focus on patients and complete the business side. Your patients and staff will love you for switching to a system that allows them to focus on their job description instead of focusing on the data aspect. Allow your staff to relax while our system does the work. The tedious hours of paperwork and data entry are over when you switch to Lightning Step’s All-In-One system. Our simple solution will store the data for you and autogenerate information. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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