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Lightning Step Features July 12, 2022

Are You Looking for a CRM That Takes Less Time?


At Lightning Step Technologies, we understand that time is valuable in the behavioral healthcare industry. There are rounds to be made, medications to be distributed, and check-ins to be conducted. When your staff must sit at a desk for the majority of their shift putting data into the system, they lose time with patients. 

In behavioral health, patients need one-on-one care. They will not get the help they need if the staff treats them like a number or just goes through the motions, which can happen if your staff is overwhelmed. Patients are admitted to your facility to seek help so they can succeed on their own. Your patients need to know they matter through face-to-face interactions with the professional team. Unfortunately, if your staff cannot get away from a computer, patients may not receive the quality care they need.

Time is also important to your staff. Most of your staff applied for this job because they are passionate about helping others. Research and their schooling have taught them that people can make a difference in others’ lives. When they come to work expecting to input data for hours, their mood will falter, which is not what your patients need. We understand that you recognize this, and you want a system that will decrease the hours on a computer, increase positivity among staff, and increase the time spent with the patients. 


Our CRM (Customer Relations Management) is designed to house data from intake to discharge. Most of the work is completed by the patient and the software. Once you customize the system to fit your facility’s needs, you can set up the patient portal. With the patient portal, your patient can fill out the necessary documentation, which is then saved to the system. Once the information is saved, it is used wherever it is needed. 

Our CRM also has a Call Tracking Metrics System. With this, you can see where the patients are calling from and how many times they have called. It is important to know how they obtained your information so you will know which advertisement(s) is reaching the targeted audience. You do not need to guess which one is saving you money and which one is not bringing in revenue because the information is readily available to you. 

Most behavioral health facilities have a consistent referral source. This referral source is important to you because they are sending patients to you, which means they must trust you. As a thank you, you may take them to lunch, play sports together, or host parties together. When a patient is referred to your facility by this top referral source, you can keep them updated on their patient’s progress. Since the CRM keeps a detailed record from intake to discharge, you will have this information readily available if they ask. 

Our CRM also allows your facility to customize the calendar. We understand it is crucial to have a planner for the facility so that multiple events are not booked at the same time. It would also be impossible for a facility to remember the number of patients, the dates and times they arrived and departed, and their specific appointments without a planner. The planner can be highlighted based on the event, roles, and appointments. However you choose to use the planner, it will be beneficial to keep your facility running smoothly. 

Truly an All-In-One System

Our system is truly an All-In-One system. When you begin using our system, you will see that less time is spent inputting data and more time is spent on patient care. Since this is your goal, we believe our solution is what you are looking for. 

Before a patient enters your facility, they can complete their paperwork. Your facility can send their consent-to-treat forms, their release-of-information forms, and their intake paperwork to them via their patient portal. 

When a patient enters your facility, all the paperwork will be taken care of. As the patient is inputting their information, the CRM takes that data and sends it to the EMR (Electronic Medical Records). The billing information is then sent to the RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) so the patient can be automatically billed. You do not need to input this data anymore. Once the information is in the system, it will autogenerate to the other systems, making the work easier for you. 

Since the information is automatically generated for the systems that are needed, you can see that this is a true All-In-One system. You are not required to put the data in multiple systems, nor are you required to have multiple computers set up to enter your data. Each system is designed to help the other make your workload easier. Due to this design, you can watch the software do the work for you, and you can relax knowing your data is accurate and complete, and your staff isn’t overwhelmed. We are excited that you are thinking about using our software and cannot wait to hear from you! 

Here at Lightning Step Technologies, we understand that your time is important. You have patients to care for, staff to maintain, and events to plan. We also understand that it takes a team to do these things. Your time does not need to be wasted on entering data into the system. You want a system that allows you to enter data once and then does the work for you. We designed this system just for you! We understand the hassle of inputting data multiple times, as we have done it in the past. We want a system that works for you, so you have the time to care for your patients. Let us help you with the business side so you can take care of the patient side.  To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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